Islamic State Targeted by U.S. Air Strikes

Islamic State

The United States (U.S.) loosed 18 air strikes, along with other coalition members, targeting Islamic State positions. These strikes took place in both Syria and Iraq, focusing on disrupting operations in both countries where the terrorists have been engaged heavily. Six of the strikes were on Syrian targets, and 12 were in Iraq. Among the locations hit in Syria were reportedly fighting positions of Islamic State, as well as specifically targeted tactical units.

The Pentagon indicated that this mission was important to keep pressuring the terrorist group and not allow them time to settle in. They said that in the past week, 90 percent of the contested city, Kobani, by the border with Turkey, had been cleared of the groups presence. The strikes in Iraq also targeted fighting positions, but also focused on vehicles and facilities where weapons were being stored. The mission was reported as having been successful in meeting most of the objectives set out.

By Jim Malone

Daily Mail

Image courtesy of Senior Airman Matthew Bruch, U.S. Air Force – Flickr License

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