Suge Knight Surrenders to Police

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Suge Knight

Suge Knight, mogul in the rap industry, surrendered to police after being sought in a hit-and-run accident as a person of interest. He turned himself in at the West Hollywood police station after his lawyers informed authorities earlier in the day that he would be giving himself up. The accident involved two individuals, one of which died of his injuries. The condition of the second person is not known at this time, but they were taken to the hospital to be treated.

Knight’s lawyer gave a statement saying that Knight had been under attack at the time of the incident by two people, while he was still in his car. He claims that it was while he was escaping from that alleged attack that the two people were struck. Police have not given much information out on the accident, still needing to interview their person of interest. It has not been made clear whether the individuals who were supposedly attacking him were also the same two who were sent to the hospital in the hit-and run. He has turned himself in, but no reports have yet been made about whether he will be charged or not tonight.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Jonathan Lobel – Flickr License