Washington Metro Fire $50 Million Lawsuit Filed

The sons of the woman who died in the January 12 Washington DC Metro fire accident have filed a wrongful death lawsuit for $50 Million. Carol Glover, the 61-year-old grandmother who was killed in the smoke of the fire, was in the smoke-filled compartment for nearly 45 minutes before help was able to reach her, by which time she had died.

The lawsuit, filed by sons Anthony and Marcus, alleges extreme negligence which was directly responsible for Glover’s death. It also claims that the ventilation fans for the Metro were not functioning properly, also contributing to the deadly situation. More than 80 people were sickened or suffered some injury on the day of the fire, but Glover was the only fatality. In addition to her sons, she left behind three grandchildren. Lawyers for her sons are claiming that the incident was “foreseeable” and that it is the Metro Transit Agency’s responsibility. The actual cause of the electrical disturbance which started the fire is not yet known, but it is being investigated.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of morganglines – Flickr License

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