Amazon Hires Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney


Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney has accepted a job with Amazon, the internet retail corporation. Carney offered his resignation last year from the Obama Administration which then tapped former Campaign Communication Director Josh Earnest to complete the job through the president’s second term in office.

Carney will vacate his current post at CNN, where he serves as a political commentator, to begin the high level job with Amazon. Politico reports that Carney’s new occupation title is senior vice president for worldwide corporate affairs. According to reporters, Carney will report directly to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, splitting his time between the Washington, D.C. office and Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

Carney is not the only former member of the Obama Administration to leave the hustle and bustle of Washington for the money-making mecca of Silicon Valley. Last year, Obama’s former campaign manager and then White House adviser David Plouffe was offered and accepted the job of senior vice president of policy and strategy at Uber.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Talk Radio News Service – Flickr License




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