FCC Landmark Decision Made on Net Neutrality


The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) voted to put into place unprecedented net neutrality rules that they say are vital to protecting the freedom of the Internet.  Following a 3-2 party-line vote, the FCC moved to accept the notion championed by President Obama to treat the Internet as a utility, thereby preventing major corporations like Verizon or Comcast from slowing or blocking traffic and creating other obstacles that would hinder Web-goers.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said the Internet is the most powerful and influential system on the planet; it is too significant to go on without regulations and without someone watching over infringements that may occur from providers or other outside sources.

After nearly 10 years, while Internet activists have been pushing hard for solid federal regulations, supporters stated the nearly-impregnable new rules will be a strong barrier which will be able to prevent people from being targeted and abused online. The aforementioned activists helped collect over four million net neutrality statements which were forwarded to the FCC.

By Alex Lemieux


The Hill

Photo by Valerie – Flickr License

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