Bobbi Kristina and the Marriage Dilemma

Bobbi Kristina
The problem that Nick Gordon has, is that it is questionable whether or not he is in fact really the husband of Bobbi Kristina. There are a number of sources that deny Gordon as a member of the family.  Bobby Brown is the main source of that denial, stemming from a statement given from the North Fulton Hospital on Tuesday.

His daughter was moved Tuesday to Atlanta’s Emory University Hospital. Reports shedding light on her hospitalization came in about the incident, saying that her husband and a friend found her in a bath tub face down and unresponsive. This prompted questions about his actual status as her husband. Bobby Brown’s attorney released a statement Tuesday disputing that Gordon and Bobbi Kristina were ever married. Mr. Brown made a statement and the family agrees that there was no marriage between the two. The main focus now is Bobbi Kristina, and her recovery.

The daughter of the late Whitney Houston is in line for the full estate of the internationally known pop singer.  Houston was found in a bath tub as well ,but did not recover. The question being asked now is who stands to inherent the family fortune.  If, in fact, Gordon is wed to Bobbi Kristina, he stands to benefit hugely from the inheritance.  In general, the family as well as the public has come out as opposed to embracing Gordon as her husband because they were raised together from the age of twelve as family.  Bobbi Kristina boasted often about her happy marriage to Gordon, tweeting and bragging about the rings, and their holiday romantic getaways.

Patricia Houston, however, her aunt, put a protective order for him not to be within 200 feet of her. This happened a year ago in March 2014. The relationship with the only family Gordon has known since his teen years was, to say at the least, strained. Whitney never legally adopted him, but she took him in as a teenager and raised him along with her daughter at their home. He was twelve. Their relationship has been under scrutiny from the beginning by the family and the public. Bobbi Kristina’s husband’s dilemma may be that he took advantage of this family, and the relationship is destined to take hits because of this.

This morning, sources say that Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her young life.  She is on a ventilator, and her father Bobby Brown is making all of the decisions.  Her condition is critical, which makes Gordon’s position in jeopardy regarding his status as her husband.  At this point, he has no say in the matter. This month was to supposedly be the couple’s one year anniversary.  Bobbi Kristina has always referred to Gordon as her husband, always showing affection in public. With Mr. Bobby Brown denying that his young daughter has a husband,  it is adding insult to injury that there is the dilemma of marital status hanging while the family is in turmoil over the fact that they could lose Brown and Houston’s beloved daughter.

There are the several rumors of the alleged family feuds, bed side fights and restraining orders.  This is an untimely moment to see a family fall apart,when they are still healing from the devastation of losing the family monarch Whitney Houston. While most are expecting the worst and wondering how they will survive this situation, the potential is enormous for a success story.  The family released a statement today that while things are dire, the reports of Bobbi Kristina’s demise are not true, and that they are still soliciting the prayers of all who are thinking of her.

By Crystal Ball

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  1. Faye   February 5, 2015 at 9:47 pm

    So so sad, I wish people would think of her first what a mess.


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