Greece’s Financial Deal Ends in Protests

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greeceDowntown Athens, Greece has been overcome by fighting between police and protesters after an initial anti-government demonstration, following last month’s election when the nation’s far-left-minded Syriza political party assumed power in parliament. Scores of protesters threw gas-laden fire bombs and other debris at law enforcement officers and set fire to parked cars as the march advanced through downtown Athens.

The civil unrest follows a vote by the German parliament today on whether to allot Greece further financial aid. The deal was approved by Greece and international backers last week, setting off turmoil within the Syriza political party. If voted into law, the deal will give Greece a financial extension of four months, as long as Greece’s lax fiscal policies are amended

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has fervently maintained his disposition regarding the agreement, though members of parliament have accused him and other government officials of reneging on pre-election interests.

Thus far, 450 far-left activists have taken to the streets of Athens. After the march, around 50 protesters fought with riot police, following the destruction of store windows and bus stops.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Christina Kekka – Flickr License