Is the World Ready for ‘Preachers of Detroit’ Pastor David Bullock?

David Bullock

David Bullock

The first episode of the Preachers of Detroit was on fire as Pastor David Alexander Bullock challenged his cast members on the effectiveness of their ministries. Bullock is not only the pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church but a well-known activist who is serious about bringing change to the city of Detroit. He believes that true ministry takes place outside of the walls of the church and into the streets where the people are. Is the world ready for Pastor David Bullock?

At 37-years-old, Bullock is the youngest cast member and as such many felt his approach was much too confrontational and disrespectful to his “elders” who are highly respected in the Christian community. Those who are acquainted with him were not surprised because he is known to be militant when it comes to justice and is respected as a viable change agent of Detroit. When asked about the confrontational moments which were sure to spark drama Bullock responded by saying:

There will be tense moments, and maybe moments of confrontation because you cannot have reality of life without sometimes having tense and confrontational moments. But regardless of what happens on Preachers of Detroit, ultimately, those moments will create an opportunity for the gospel, great conversation, dialogue, and positive messages to shine through.

The show began on Friday night with Bullock, his brother and friend sitting in a cigar lounge discussing relationships. This set the tone for many dogmatic Christians who could not get past the cigar to hear the wisdom that escaped his lips. Social media lit up with comments about the foolishness of a pastor who would preach the gospel and advocate for the city and still end up in hell because he smokes cigars. This pastor is not moved by those who sit on the sidelines and talk. Instead, it serves as a constant reminder of a verse in the Bible where the Pharisees were heard criticizing Jesus because he did not act as they thought he should.

The Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners! (Luke 7:34)

Bullock is adamant about helping the city regardless of his critics. His city, which at one time was a bright star in the nation, has gone through some tough times. Detroit has made history as the first city to ever declare bankruptcy. The community is poverty-stricken and filled with hurting and depressed people; for this pastor their needs far outweighs any of the cries of his critics.

Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church is located in a very poor community, as opposed to the majority of Bullock’s cast members. This young pastor believes his message is relevant and necessary for the people he desires to empower. For many years Bullock has led countless protests against injustice as he walked the streets with a bullhorn in one hand and a Bible in the other. Bullock is an outspoken and action driven leader who believes the work of a pastor should exceed the pulpit and what takes place during a Sunday service. When speaking of his calling Bullock said:

My ministry is both in the sanctuary and in the streets. I am in the pulpit and on the pavement of Highland Park and Detroit seeking change and demanding justice for my people.

Bullock not only talks about change but actively seeks change. He is the founder and national spokesperson for The Change Agent Consortium, a national union of organizations and individuals that seek social justice and civil rights for middle-to-low income people. As a result of his voice in the community Bullock has been interviewed by MSNBC’s Ed Shultz and Rachel Maddow.

This activist was raised in Detroit but born in Boston. Bullock is no stranger to ministry; he comes from a line of preachers. His father pastors Bethany Baptist Church on the West Side of Detroit, both of his grandfathers were pastors, as is his younger brother and nephew. Bullock said he was aware of his calling to preach at 14-years-old.

Bullock is a highly educated man. He attended Morehouse College at the age of 16 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at age 19. After graduation he attended Wayne State University where he earned a master’s degree in philosophy. In 2005, he accepted the call to preach and began serving as the senior pastor of Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church.

Joining this unorthodox preacher on the Preachers of Detroit are fellow cast members Bishop Charles H. Ellis III, Bishop-Elect Clarence Langston, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Pastor Tim Alden, Pastor Don William Shelby Jr., and Evangelist Dorinda Clark-Cole. Viewers will witness these ministers as they navigate issues in their churches, personal lives and the city of Detroit.

The Preachers of Detroit will air on Friday evenings on the Oxygen Network. The first episode turned all the way up as Bullock and his philosophies were introduced. While his fellow cast members might not be thrilled about him, the city of Detroit needs his ministry. The initial question centered on the world’s view of him, but the more appropriate question might be, “Is the church ready for Pastor David Alexander Bullock?”

Opinion by: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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13 thoughts on “Is the World Ready for ‘Preachers of Detroit’ Pastor David Bullock?

  1. In regards to tonights episode 4/17, Shelby and his wife are CLUELESS! They can not answer hypothetical questions and they are offended? They can’t even think outside the box. lol They show their lack of education and why 90% of people run to ministry….without education.

  2. I love Pastor Bulloch….he keeps it real. Many pastors today talk one thing and then they act another way…especially in private. So his honesty is refreshing.

  3. When I think of Church and State, and how Churches are exempt from taxes, Pastor Bullock puts a refreshing spin on religion in terms of politics. He is an outspoken and driven man, and I like this about him. He’s not living the life of luxury, and totally clueless to the perils of his congregation and community. This is what we expect from every man of the cloth. He came out hard in that meeting, but these were things that had to be said. As a result, we were blessed with the opportunity to witness how cronyism works with ministers. I notice Pastor Bullock managed to expose Bishop Ellis as a liar on national television. Bishop Ellis has a gigantic congregation, and you know everyone in his congregation watched the show and watched him get exposed. Bishop Ellis has not been seen on the program since he demonstrated to the world what a liar, and two-faced man of the cloth he is. Instead of trying to do damage control, he disappears with the hopes that people quickly forgets his transgression. Out of 5 episodes, Bishop Ellis has only been on one. Does he call Pastor Bullock to apologize, no he doesn’t, did he call Pastor Bullock and let him know in advance that he could not make it to the rally, no call, no show, no explanation, but yet he can disappear. What kind of leader is that, what kind of man of God is that? Bishop Ellis let the bright lights and the chance to be a star expose him a weak mere mortal who uses God to finance his lifestyle, This is a sad truth and an unintended outcome of reality shows. I love the fact that women rights in religion is being addressed, but I fear it will not get the traction it needs to be properly addressed. It is clear that the minister wives of this show are not willing to give up their meal ticket to stand up for women rights. Ultimately, I am unimpressed with this show, the only thing that keeps things interesting is Pastor Bullock. I hope he gets a spinoff show out of this ordeal.

  4. Pastor Bullock is precisely on point with challenging organized religion and these vain leaders – you know, these mega millionaire preachers driving the Bentleys to the mansions while their community is falling apart before their eyes. They have gotten so caught up in the glitter of their own selfish desires they fail see we as a people are on the verge of losing an entire generation of children. Fight your faithful fight Pastor Bullock, change can only come by making the challenging noises you make. Trust and believe with your lead, change will come!!! God Bless You and everything you touch

  5. I am so disgusted by the actions of some of these preachers on this show. I was so offended when Pastor Bullock compared himself to Jesus Christ who was sinless. I am also bothered on his stance on intimacy and encourages this topic. Third, I didn’t like the fact that they were protraying some of these pastors riches and smoking cigars. My goodness! This show is reflecting Christians in a bad light. It seems like they are conforming to the world rather than standing on biblical principle. The arguing and back and forth withbeach other is not Christ like at al…they are missing the mark!

  6. Preachers of Detroit is a reality TV show which needs Some type of spark to keep the viewers coming back. While Mr. bullock does create an environment of conflict and confusion, I sincerely pray that the other ministers will say or do something that will help the viewing audience. The premise that everyone is wrong that doesn’t agree with bullock will get boring fast. The jury is still out as to the effectiveness of these preacher shows. Education without application is a conversation.

  7. I give him his props when it comes to “OUT REACH MINISTRY’S” Because people are being so “Relax, Comfortable, Stale.” Like I said before God is using the Young because the Old is dying out or tired. God doesn’t change the word just because he do new things. This is a different generation to reach, what we had 20- 30 years ago was than. What we have now is the “Now Generation, reaching all walks of life!” We used to cater to “Religion more than Surrendering of Souls to be saved, buildings, church members, and Pulpit became the main focus.” Now it’s important to reach hearts, and minds, that’s dying more in the streets than those already ” christian like people.” Christian like people should already know what to do. The question everyone should ask themselves is do they want to do it?” Help those dying on the outside, streets, alleyways, byways, whatever the case maybe. It’s a sad day when people say they have a “Vision” and don’t see the “Vision.” You how to have a “Vision.” Without a Vision the people perish. So once again Pastor Bullock keep doing what’s really needed to be done. Stand, and stand anyhow. “Wake up we all should be backing this man up when it comes to Souls in the Streets, Community, Nation and our World!” Peace!

  8. Preachers are put above us to LEAD us,and to LIVE by the word of God that is coming from that pulpit. I am not judging, this is the thing with this world, if you share facts about something, then automatically it’s “judging”. Incorrect! As Christians (Christ-like) we are not to conform to this world, or the things therein, we are to be separate. And yes he needs to repent. How dare he compares himself to Jesus Christ, who bare that pain on the cross, beatings for sins he didn’t commit, so we can have everlasting life and have a say in going to Heaven. As I said in my prior post, Woe unto pastors like him. And another thing, we are our brothers keepers, and we are to correct our fellow brethren when we see them doing wrong (it is not judgment). If you see a brethren going down the wrong path, will you just sit by and watch because you don’t want to “judge”? I hope not!

  9. pastor david bullock may have a education but he seems so unlearn about the things of God he need to repent for the words that came from his mouth . if Jesus came back I am sure he would not be name or called David bullock. you sound like a crazy person and to the pastors that appear on this show with him disconnect your self from . he appear to have serious problems. his member of the church need to get away from his church do not sit under that teaching.

  10. Well rather it be cigars or not. I hate when people are so legalistic that you cant see through your own judgement. Father God see us where we are and uses all. I believe he can see through any falsehoods. God does see all and judge us by our heart, not by your opinion. So please don’t try to know what or portray you know what God feels.

  11. First and foremost, this show and the rest should not even be aired. The bible speaks about being separate from the world. Humility, high respect for the word of God, and Godliness are just a few of the things that are missing from ALL the cast of this and other shows like this. Christians are not to be of the world! WE ARE IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD. These so called preachers are forgetting this. Help Detroit, but not by tarnishing the word of Jesus or causing sinners to not want to attend church because, “if they call themselves Christians and act like that, what’s the point in me going to church”. Seriously though, a PREACHER (so called Jesus follower) in a HOOKAH bar, smoking CIGARS and discussing Christ!??? Woe unto them! Light and darkness CANNOT abide in the same place. A man cannot serve two masters! What is going on church???? We need to spend more time in prayer and the word of God! It is surely the end of days. And leading God’s people astray when you are our shepherds?? Preachers like this, your judgement will be worse! Yes we all fall short of the grace of God daily, and yes we sin daily, which is why we should repent daily. And men/women that are head of the church and should be LIVING GOD’S WORD as much as they preach it! Yet you come on TV and flaunting VANITY, showing complete ARROGANCE! What shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?? I can go on an on, but I will end here. I just had to vent because the God I serve, and the bible I read daily goes against this show and all the others (INCLUDING CHRISTIAN MINGLE)! God is NOT pleased! It seriously breaks my heart to see Christians behaving like the world, so many people are going to hell because not enough of us are LIVING THE BIBLE! May the Lord have MERCY on all our souls!!

  12. I am so excited to have heard this man confront his “elders” about driving their Bently’s and their suburban living, meanwhile preaching to those who are living in poverty. No i guarantee Jesus wouldn’t have been driving a Bently. These “preachers” care about their their making money off of the poor people. Christian living is supposed to be about helping your fellow man black, white, red, or brown and delivering Christ’s message. And no people shouldn’t have to apologize for the things they can afford, except when your affording it because of other people’s misfortune!! I am a white girl from the suburbs of Philly and had a privileged upbringing and you people still MAKE ME SICK to my stomach!!!! Concentrate on the message of Christ & less on who your wearing & how big your house is!

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