Las Vegas and the Bizarre Case of Road Rage

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Las Vegas, Nevada recently witnessed a horrific and bizarre case of road rage, resulting in the death of a mother of four. The incident has ignited debate about road rage cases across the United States. In Las Vegas, Erich Nowsch, 19 has been accused of fatally shooting Tammy Meyers, 44, following a traffic dispute that ended in an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and Meyers’ son, Brandon Meyers, 22. Police and family members said that on February 12, Tammy Meyers was with her 15-year-old daughter in a parking lot, giving her driving lessons, when she and Nowsch got into an argument.

Meyers rushed to her Las Vegas home to get her son, Brandon, who brought a handgun to the parking lot and started looking for Nowsch’s car. Nowsch is accused of shooting at Meyers’ green Buick, then fatally pulling the trigger after a brief car chase in front of her home. During a second round of shots being fired, Brandon Meyers fired three back at the silver-colored Audi at the same time Nowsch was in the car with another person.

Meyers’ husband, Robert Meyers said that his wife Tammy and Nowsch had met previously in a nearby Las Vegas park. He also said that Nowsch had been to the Meyers’ Las Vegas home at some point prior to this incident. He informed the media as well as the police that Nowsch had seen the Buick owned by the Meyers.

Robert Meyers has said that Tammy lost her life trying to pacify the motorist, while also trying to divert him away from their Las Vegas home. Tammy Meyers was shot in the head and died Saturday after two days on life-support. Las Vegas police say that Nowsch later informed friends  that he began aiming fire at the green vehicle due to his belief that someone inside had brandished a gun in his direction, and therefore he was under the impression that the people inside were after him.

las vegasNowsch will face a preliminary hearing on March 10 to establish if he will stand trial on charges of murder, attempted murder, and firing a weapon from a vehicle. Clark County D.A., Steve Wolfson would then decide whether to seek the death penalty or a life sentence. Defense attorney, Augustus Claus, informed the media that his co-counsel in the case, Conrad Claus, who is also his brother, thinks that Nowsch could claim that he fired in self-defense as Tammy had probably asked her son, Brandon Meyers, to bring his gun along when they went out looking for Nowsch on the day of the shooting.

Las Vegas, Nevada rarely witnesses such bizarre cases of road rage. While Las Vegas is not entirely free of aggressive driving and road rage related incidents, such cases are not common in Nevada. Nevada and the city of Las Vegas consistently report a low issuance of aggressive driving citations and continue to score very high on surveys that evaluate drivers per state.

As per the Nevada DMV in Las Vegas, when it comes to aggressive driving, whether it is our own or other drivers, learning defensive driving techniques should typically be the first line of defense. The first rule to follow if you find yourself, or witness someone else, being threatened or harassed by an aggressive driver, is to notify the police right away and to do so in a safe manner. Never pull over and confront the aggressive driver as it has the potential to escalate into road rage. The authorities would like to control the occurrence of such bizarre cases of road rage as it could affect tourism in Las Vegas.

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4 Responses to "Las Vegas and the Bizarre Case of Road Rage"

  1. fkitall   February 27, 2015 at 9:02 pm

    Maybe aggressive driving is an issue but this case is not about that. The husband has given 7 different stories and obviously the wife and the accused had some sort of relationship….she mentored him in the park…what the hell does that mean…she blew him in the park for weed maybe. Either way she got what she deserved

  2. jveeds   February 26, 2015 at 4:27 pm

    This is shoddy reporting at its worst. First off, if you follow the timeline, it has little or nothing to do with road rage. The parties knew each other beforehand, fairly well at that, except for the missing suspect who initially yelled at the mom and honking daughter.

    Second, nearly all the information seems to have been gleaned from people who were not at any of the scenes and the information available from the only actual participants — the daughter and gun-carrying son — are naturally tailored in their own favor. At this, point, no one, at least no objective witnesses, knows who provoked who or who fired first.

    Clearly this has nothing to do with road rage. It’s about something else having to do with the personal relationships of the parties involved.

    Since the father’s, daughter’s and son’s stories are ever-changing and Nowsch is saying little, not much can be said other than it’s not road rage.

  3. Emperor Batsteg (@batsteg)   February 26, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Has this author ever even driven around Las Vegas? Road rage is a constant issue here. Many roads are not completed resulting in frustrating bottlenecks for drivers.

  4. Phillip Kirkpatrick   February 26, 2015 at 7:47 am

    I don’t know what cloud you live on, but aggressive driving is a HUGE issue in LV, unfortunately it seems cops look the other way and like to ticket speeders since it’s an easier way for them to make money.


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