President Vladimir Putin Threatens Gas Cutoffs in Ukraine


President Vladimir Putin has threatened Ukraine that Russia will cutoff natural gas supplies if the country fails to pay for future deliveries in advance. Putin said Ukraine’s current allowance will only be good until the end of the week, warning that Russia will cease all transfer of natural gas if the payment lapses. Though he did not announce a date when the cutoffs will begin, Europe is alarmed that the cutoff will hurt their supplies.

According to state officials, Russian and Ukrainian energy administrators could meet in Brussels, Belgium to deliberate on the issue. Following an argument over fiscal crises that have led to increased fears of disruptions of gas supplies in Europe, Putin brokered a deal between Russian and Ukraine requiring they pay in advance.

Last week, Putin accused Ukraine of cutting off natural gas provisions to regions of eastern Ukraine where Russian-backed separatists control the area. Putin stated Ukraine’s decision to cease the flow of energy to the home of 4.5 million people “smacks of genocide.”

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Global Panorama – Flickr License

One Response to "President Vladimir Putin Threatens Gas Cutoffs in Ukraine"

  1. Tate   February 25, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    Putin has a very strange way of taking over the world. He invades Ukraine 100 times in 2014 with the use of advanced cloaking devices. Then he pretends to be the Ukrainian military shelling his own people in eastern Ukraine with millions of munitions, harming hundreds of thousands of Russians in their apartments, schools, streets and hospitals.

    The really strange thing is that he never once hits western Ukraine, either by striking military targets or civilian targets. He only hits Russians in the east and even then he only does so while dressed as the Ukrainian military, using soldiers that speak Ukrainian and wear swastikas and salute Heil Hitler and execute Russians.

    I can see from the above that Putin is very tricky and equally very brutal. But I fail to see how he will take Ukraine this way or how he will take over the world.”

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