Sing, Dance and Shop Like Katy Perry at Halftime as Her Online Shop Opens


During halftime of the Super Bowl, viewers will not only be able to sing and dance along with Katy Perry, they will be able to shop like her, too. The popular singer is planning to open her own online retail store, timed to occur at the same time as the big game.

Perry, along with Pepsi and Universal Music Group, has joined up with DeliveryAgent, an interactive commerce technology company, to offer merchandise to her fans during the game. The same company was responsible for last year’s H&M commercial, which starred soccer star David Beckham and aired during the Super Bowl. The interactive ad allowed viewers with Samsung TVs the ability to purchase underwear modeled by Beckham using their TV remote controls.

Unlike last year, consumers who wish to purchase the particular items offered by the pop star are not limited to using a Samsung TV. This year’s interactive ad will allows viewers to use Roku streaming devices; the music app, Shazam; Twitter and YouTube to purchase the items. Payments can be made electronically using Visa, which entered the venture in part to demonstrate “the future of payments,” according to Visa senior vice president, Lara Balazs, who also heads up the company’s North American marketing division. DeliveryAgent CEO Mike Fitzsimmons calls the joint venture an “interesting confluence” of one of the most popular entertainers and the biggest television event worldwide with “an exclusive ecommerce merchandising opportunity.”

The store will feature four special clothing and accessory products which will be revealed online while Perry performs the halftime show. The merchandise will remain on sale until Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET. Up to the beginning of the mid-game show, advertisers such as Pepsi will air or tweet promos for the store. Once Perry’s performance begins, the store will open for business.

Those using Samsung smart TVs will have the ability to shop on-screen using their remotes. Viewers using Twitter who use @Pepsi or @Visa in their tweets can click on posted “Buy Now” tweets which link to the DeliveryAgent ShopTV online store. Smartphone users can use Shazam to get the half-time performance and be redirected to ShopTV. Roku users who download the ShopTV app from the service’s Channel store will be able to shop the exclusive line of merchandise, as will viewers of Vevo’s Katy Perry channel on YouTube.

The estimated viewership of the Super Bowl is expected to be 184 million Americans, which creates an extremely large captive audience for marketers and advertisers, and has upped the price of advertising during the big game to $4.5 million for a 30-second time slot. Social media has proven its ability to foster widespread attention and interest in a certain subject, and with a much lower cost. Add to that the advantage of being able to engage viewers with posts and tweets, and social media appears to be an advertising medium in which investing seems like a slam dunk. Selling merchandise directly related to a television event is the next step to an entirely different way of selling to digitally-connected audiences.

By Jennifer Pfalz

USA Today

Image by Thaís Santos – License

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