United States Closing Embassy in Yemen Amid Security Concerns

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United States Department of State has closed its embassy in Yemen due to the political deadlock between the two nations, allowing security conditions to deteriorate. U.S. officials stated this comes following a military takeover of the country by Shiite rebels.

The two officials explained that embassy diplomats were in the process of being evacuated from Yemen on Tuesday. Furthermore, the embassy will suspend all operations and all in-country business with Yemen until political unrest subsides. Yemen has suffered from political and military crises for months with Iran-sponsored Shiite Houthi rebels who sieged the capital and gained control of most of the nation.

U.S. Marines providing the necessary security to keep the embassy intact are most likely to leave, as well. Though, American military forces engaging in counterterrorism missions in the capital and throughout the country will not be affected. Major Brad Avots, a Pentagon spokesman, explained the Defense Department is continuously assessing ground security conditions and the military has assets regarding evacuation ready to be utilized by the State Department.

By: Alex Lemieux


Fox News

Picture: Richard Messenger – Flickr License


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