University of South Carolina: Two Dead After Murder-Suicide

university of south carolina

University of South Carolina officials and students were shocked to learn today of an apparent murder-suicide that left two dead. The State newspaper of the college stated that police officials are working close with the situation.

The shooting prompted a college-wide lockdown and an overwhelming law enforcement response at around 1:20 p.m. EST. The shooting occurred in the New School of Public Health Research Building. The police held a short press conference regarding the shooting and stated that two were confirmed dead after what they found was a murder-suicide. The identities of both the shooter and the victim have not been released.

Police in SWAT gear brandishing Ar-15 assault rifles swept the building floor-to-floor. State police official, Thom Berry stated that there is no current active shooter situation on the grounds of the Columbia campus. He stated that the two deceased were found in the building but he would not comment on the exact location.

Hayden Dunn, student at the University stated he encountered police near the elevator inside the building and asked if he heard gunfire. Five minutes later, the alarm sounded and people rushed towards the doors and vacated the building. Nonetheless, the threat is over.

By: Alex Lemieux


Fox News

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