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Vaccinate your children now. The study that created the anti-vaccination movement, written by Dr. Andrew Wakefield for the British medical journal, The Lancet has been proven to be false; this would be the 1998 study that stated that vaccinations were linked to autism. In 2004, it was discovered that Wakefield was hired by a law firm that paid Wakefield to write the false study so the law firm could sue that vaccine manufacturers. However, even as the vaccinations decreased, the number of cases of autism rose.

This study made it legal for parents to be able to determine, based on their personal beliefs, if their children will be vaccinated. This legislation is endangering all children who are not vaccinated and some who have not had booster shots yet. Even though in 2000 measles were thought to have been eradicated from the United States, there are currently 102 cases in 14 states. It is entirely possible that the measles were contracted by a child from out of the country while visiting Disneyland. The first MMR vaccination is given at 12 months old, but is only 93 percent effective as protection from the disease so it is possible that the child came into very close contact with the infected child and continued to spread throughout other children who had not been vaccinated or under-vaccinated children. It is important to have you children’s vaccinations up to date now to keep them safe.

This is not the first time there has been an outbreak of measles since the disease was declared eradicated. In 2014 there were 644 cases in the United States. Measles may just seem like an uncomfortable rash that will run its course over about a three week time period, but measles can lead to pneumonia, lifelong brain damage, deafness and death. The World Health Organization still declares measles to be a global threat. Now, however, they threaten public health and the health of schools and larger communities. Vaccinations are being sent to countries worldwide to strengthen immune systems. The United States must remain the leader in keeping vaccinations current.

Senators Ben Allen and Richard Pen, who is also a pediatrician, are heading legislature to eliminate the choice parents have not to vaccinate their children based on personal beliefs. Currently 19 states have the personal beliefs exemption, 48 states allow exemptions for religious exemptions and Mississippi and West Virginia allow for medical exemptions only believing in the vaccinate now philosophy. Vaccination manufacturers have created vaccines for children who are allergic to eggs and more vaccinations are being altered to meet allergy conditions on a regular basis. Vaccines prevent 6 million deaths worldwide each year.

Another fear is that in the 1930’s vaccines contained a preservative called Thimerosal. Thimerosal has extremely low concentrations of a mercury compound used to prevent the growth of dangerous bacteria and fungus. However, Thimerosal has been used rarely since 2001 when the FDA stopped licensing it for vaccine use. All routine vaccinations given to children under the age of six do not contain Thimerosal anymore, except in trace amounts of children’s flu vaccines. Since the FDA discontinued the use of Thimerosal, autism rates still continue to grow. Keep your children’s vaccines up to date now.
Children are getting more vaccines today than they were 30 years ago and parents are worried about the amount of antigens their children are receiving with each inoculation. Antigens are the part of the vaccine that helps the body build up a resistance to the disease. However, Dr. Gupta from CNN states that in the 1980’s, vaccines had 3,000 antigens in them, and today, even though there are more vaccinations being giving to our children, the vaccines only have a total of only 150 antigens. It is important to ensure children receive vaccines on a specific time schedule. Spreading out vaccines over a longer period of time, instead of giving your baby five inoculations, leaves your little ones open and vulnerable to other diseases. Again, antigens are down and the autism rate is still up.

A daycare in Santa Monica was closed when a three year old child got the measles. 14 babies were quarantined and given blood tests to verify their immunity. In the meantime, three year old, Uriah Krueger went to bed with a rash on her face and woke up in a full-body rash. She was hospitalized for three days. She had received her MMR at 12 months but until the child gets the booster, it is only 93 percent effective. However, that vaccination saved Uriah’s life. The lies have been combated and the rare harm has been removed, have your children vaccinated now.

Opinion By Jeanette Smith


CBS News



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  1. Jucyluce   February 6, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    So sick of the tired old line that Andrew Wakefield is responsible for every woe in the universe. People are not vaccinating because they have done their research – the ingredients in vaccines are toxins and many children react to them.

    Measles vaccine no longer effective. Higher rates of primary and secondary vaccine failure is a major factor. New vaccines needed

    We thought that the measles vaccine protected 90% of the population – the discovery that 52 of the 98 teens who caught measles were fully vaccinated came as a shock to the researchers who conducted the investigation.…

    The pertussis vaccine is causing the mutation of the bacteria, the CDC admits the vaccine is not working. The booster shot is no helping, as kids fully up to date AND who had a booster still contracted the disease.…

    90% of kids in Vermont with pertussis were vaccinated. A new vaccine is being worked on. It could take awhile.”..…

    The mumps vaccine, 80-90% outbreaks among the vaccinated. Viruses mutate and evolve, and new genotypes and strains appear. The current outbreaks are for genotype G which the current vaccine is ineffective for. A new vaccine is being made……

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