Boko Haram Leaves 100 Bodies in Mass Grave in Nigeria

Boko haram

Over 100 bodies have been discovered in a large mass grave found a few miles outside of the town of Damasak in the northeastern Borno state in Nigeria on Friday, according to a spokesman from the Chadian army. As Chadian soldiers marched into the town to battle the Boko Haram militants, they came across the scores of bodies under a bridge over a small valley on the outskirts of town. Damasak was re-seized by the military forces from Chad and Niger on March 9 from Boko Haram militants who took control of the area weeks ago.

It was reported that many of the victims had been decapitated, a signature execution method used by Boko Haram. Colonel Azem Bermandoa Aguna of the Chadian army stated his group of soldiers were shocked to find such a large grave of bodies, many of whom seemed to be killed in very disturbing ways.

The northeast region of Nigeria has been victim from dozens of Boko Haram attacks over the past few months. These attacks have left hundreds dead and many more injured, causing people to flee to other areas in neighboring countries.

By Alex Lemieux


France 24

Photo by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Flickr License



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