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Climate Change Will Get Worse Throughout the Century, According to Study


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Global warming and climate change have been accelerating over the past few decades, and increases in the Earth’s temperature will gradually get warmer throughout the 21st century even if greenhouse gas emissions are cut back to 2000 levels, according to a new study. The study was published in Nature Climate Change.

By using measurement points of every 40 years, researchers were able to deduce normal fluctuations in temperature from those due to climate change. Steven Smith, the lead author of the study, stated by using that length of time, human-induced pollution comes out of the equation. Moreover, he said by looking at shorter periods, such has 20 years, it is tougher to tell over natural variability of the Earth’s climate. Thus, the ever-increasing temperatures on Earth are not likely to subside.

Smith and his research team concluded that even if carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases were cut back to 2000 levels, climate change will continuously get worse throughout the century. Therefore, regardless of human’s influence on the Earth, climate change will inevitably happen. Nonetheless, Smith explained that humans need to find a way to reduce their carbon foot print and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in hopes that climate change will slow.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Agustin Ruiz – Flickr License