ISIS Seizes Libyan Oil Rig, Nine Taken Hostage



Nine foreign workers from an oil rig have been taken hostage by ISIS militants during an attack on a Libyan oil field, according to the Austrian foreign ministry. The attack and seizure of the al-Ghani oil field, 440 miles southeast of Tripoli, happened on Friday. The released statement stated the workers, one Austrian, one Czech, and seven non-EU nationals, were taken alive.

According to an official report, during the attack, ISIS conducted a gruesome execution, beheading eight guards. Afterwards, one oil worked died of a heart attack due to witnessing the beheadings. Right now, it is not known which sub-organization of ISIS conducted the attacks.

The long-term plan of ISIS militants was to take over Libya’s oil industry. By seizing oil transportation vehicles and oil rigs, ISIS is able to fund their extremist advances on important towns and cities throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Last week, ISIS militants were reported to be arbiters of the attack on two more oil fields in Bahi and Mabruk in Libya. Multiple groups of militants have been battling for control of the capital ever since Muammar Gaddafi was violently ousted in 2011.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News

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