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Community finally returns to an eager audience as season six premieres on Yahoo Screen. Community is a show with a very turbulent past. After being nearly canceled every season since it had begun, the show was finally canceled by NBC for good after season five. The creator of Community, Dan Harmon, was also fired from his own show after season three after a very public falling out with one of the shows stars, Chevy Chase. Harmon was eventually brought back as show runner and writer for the the show’s fifth and final season on NBC. The show’s revival was announced last year after NBC finally decided to cut the cult hit from its lineup. The show takes place in the fictional Greendale Community College and follows a close nit study group as they deal with the campus’s increasing absurdities.

Community’s success has hinged completely on the small, but incredibly dedicated, fan base that grew around the show. As people have seen in the past with the critically lauded, and criminally under appreciated, Arrested Development, a dedicated and vocal fan base can keep a show alive years after its initial cancellation . The good news for Community fans is they will not have to wait ten years for the shows next season.

Community has been brought to Yahoo’s streaming service, Yahoo Screen. The show will be released in a traditional television format, meaning one episode per week. It is a little new for streaming services to release a show in this manner,and is drastically different from the Netflix method of making every episode available for immediate binge watching.

Community‘s cast has changed a bit over the last few years, with original cast members Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, and Yvette Nicole Brown have all left the show. Chase and Glover’s presence was definitely missed last year and now with Brown leaving the show has some holes to fill in its cast, and they might have found those pieces with two new cast members. The two new cast members are Keith David and Paget Brewster. David will be playing Elroy Patashnik, a tech genius who has enrolled in Greendale looking to get a fresh start. Brewster will be playing Frankie Dart, a consultant hired on to the campus to try and get everything under control.

The first two episodes of this season “Ladders” and “Lawn Care Maintenance and Postnatal Care” are both currently available to stream on Yahoo Screen. Both have been met with positive reviews and the hope that Community still has some gas left in the tank. Fans of the show know the recurring joke six seasons and a movie. Now with season six underway their is already talks of the movie that was promised. Harmon has come out and said that any movie that will come of the series would have to feel “organic” and not forced. With season six of Community returning to Yahoo it seems that the show will be sticking around on with a new home.

By James Dixson


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  1. James Rodriquez   September 29, 2017 at 5:20 am

    The good news for Community fans is they will not have to wait ten years for the shows next season.

    This made my day, thanks for the info.


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