Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Garner Play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie

Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this Tuesday, March 17, was an excellent episode, featuring Fallon’s guests, actress Jennifer Garner from the movie Danny Collins and comedian and actor, Eugene Levy, who stars in a new TV series with a provocative name. Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Fallon played the cool and fun-filled game, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie later in the episode. The musical guest of the Tonight Show was the band, Modest Mouse.

Jimmy Fallon walked onto the Tonight Show stage and welcomed the studio audience. they gave him a standing ovation, then he did his monologue, poking fun at topics in today’s headlines. Fallon wished everybody a happy St. Patrick’s Day and made some jokes at the expense of people who are Irish Americans, speaking in an intelligible voice into a fake phone.

“Hillary Clinton was inducted into the Irish-American Hall of Fame yesterday. She’s very proud of her Irish heritage, or Italian, or whatever it takes to win the election,” Fallon said.

Jimmy Fallon said that Mitt Romney announced he would fight Evander Holyfield in a charity boxing match in Utah. He made some jokes about that, then mentioned that last night, Dancing With the Stars premiered with a two-hour-long episode. Fallon then did an Irish jig, apparently pleased with himself.

“Google has created a new game based on Family Feud, called Google Feud, based on what people search for the most,” Jimmy Fallon said. Then, he joked about a couple of people at a St. Patrick’s Day Parade who had a selfie taken in front of a Dumpster on fire. They were being recorded, when the fire flared up and startled them.

Jimmy Fallon showed the studio audience a video of his one-and-a-half-year old daughter, Winnie. Fallon said she likes to play with toilet paper rolls. His daughter trailed toilet paper all around the house in the video.

Jimmy Fallon announced some of his guests later this week. Then, he said that Jennifer Garner would be on tonight, and he would play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie with her. His second guest would be comedian Eugene Levy, who is going to be in a TV show about a town named after a person and a creek, the kind most people do not want to be “up” without a paddle, though it is really the person’s last name. Need another hint? The person’s last name rhymes with Schmitt.

“Tonight, we’re going to look at the Pros & Cons of Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day,” Jimmy Fallon said. “Pro: It’s about much more than drinking. Con: It’s about drinking much more. Pro: St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland. Con: And, onto Samuel L. Jackson’s plane. Pro: You can go to an Irish pub and try authentic Irish cuisine. Con: Or, you can stay at home and boil a sock. Pro: St. Patrick’s Day means spring is just around the corner. Con: So is a puddle of vomit.”

The Tonight Show went to a commercial break, and when it came back, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the first guest of the show, actress Jennifer Garner. Fallon said that she will be starring opposite Annette Bening and Al Pacino in Danny Collins. She brought her own green beer to drink while Jimmy Fallon interviewed her, and she gave one to Fallon.

Jennifer told Jimmy Fallon that when her husband, Ben Affleck, watched the Patriots win the Super Bowl, it was “the happiest day of his life, literally.” She congratulated Fallon on his two baby girls. He asked her for “parenting advice.”

Garner told him to enjoy them while they are young. “Watch out for the pinching,” was one piece of advice she gave. Jennifer said one of her daughters conned her into getting carried all over the place by saying that she “was a mermaid, with flippers and a tail.” Jennifer also told Fallon that her son called Jimmy Fallon “the man.”

At the urging of the audience, telling Jennifer to “Chug, chug, chug!” She drained her glass of beer. “I’m a lightweight, by the way,” she said.

They talked about the movie, Danny Collins. Garner said it was a lighthearted movie. Al Pacino plays a musician who found out he was sent a note from John Lennon, but did not know it until years after the fact. Fallon played a clip from the movie.

Jimmy Fallon

Then, Jimmy Fallon challenged Jennifer Garner to a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie. He was tired of her always winning, he said, and told her “You’re going down!”

Jimmy Fallon explained the rules. He said that the loser of each round would get smashed in the face with a pie. The person who got hit with a pie twice would be the loser. Jennifer Garner won the first bout, but the pie did not hit Jimmy Fallon.

She won a second time, and the pie mechanism again did not engage. Finally, Fallon won a round, and a pie smashed right into Jennifer’s face. Then, Jimmy Fallon showed “scissors” with his hand, and Jennifer had “paper.” She got a second pie smashed into her face, and lost the game.

Jimmy Fallon

After more commercials, when the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon introduced the always humorous comedian, Eugene Levy, to his audience. Eugene also had a glass mug of green beer with him. “We’ll call you an Uber,” Jimmy Fallon told him. Eugene told him he would have brought him a lucky three leaf clover from Toronto if he had enough advance notice.

“I think it’s the four leaf clover that’s the lucky one,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“Yeah, well, good luck finding one of those,” Eugene Levy replied. “The good thing about three leaf clovers is that they’re everywhere.”

Jimmy Fallon and Eugene Levy talked about the TV series Levy will be in. The town is actually named after a real last name, and there is a town called the same name in Ireland, of all places. Eugene said he gets to work with his son in the show, and Katherine O’Hara. Levy said he plays a guy who bought the town as a joke, because he was rich. Then, he losses everything except for the town, and he and his family wind up living in the town.

Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon introduced the band, Modest Mouse, after yet another commercial break. The band performed the song, Lampshades on Fire, from their new album, Strangers to Ourselves, which is on sale in stores now. It was a very cool, quirky song, pretty much meaning to anyone who is a fan of Mighty Mouse that it was a great song.

Except for when the Tonight Show came back on, briefly, for host Jimmy Fallon to thank his guests, that was the end of the episode. During the show, Jimmy Fallon and his guests, Jennifer Garner and Eugene Levy, drank green beer as Fallon interviewed them. Jimmy Fallon played Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie with Garner, and Eugene Levy talked about a new comedy TV series he is going to be on. Modest Mouse closed the Tonight Show performing a song off of their latest album.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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The Current (about Modest Mouse)

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