Conflicts Lead to Power Outage in Afghanistan

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Afghan citizens have once again found themselves caught in the middle of the skirmish between the country’s military forces and the Taliban. This time, the conflicts have led to power outages in the Helmand and Kandahar provinces of Afghanistan.

Both provinces already having severely limited electricity access as it is, having to mostly rely on one power plant to serve both of them. Ongoing conflict has reportedly gotten so intense that it has led to 90 percent of the power supply in the area being brought to a halt.

Helmand and Kandahar are known for being hot spots for tension and unrest, both being cris-crossed with various drug smuggling routes. Due to the high Taliban presence in the area, numerous Afghan military coalitions focus their efforts on this region.

In spite of the unrest, the chief commercial officer for the Kajaki power plant asserts that the lack of power is not sabotage from the Taliban, saying that if that were the case, they would “cut off electricity to their own villages.” Instead, he suggested that the power outage in this part of Afghanistan was caused by government bullets in the midst of the conflict.

By Philip Cunningham



Photo by: Roadsidepictures – Flickr License

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