Denver Breaks Season Heat Record



Denver officially broke its record high temperature of the season Sunday afternoon with the rising mercury showing 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Though, weather reporters in the area say the temperature will not continue to climb this week. Frank Cooper, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Boulder, stated temperatures in Denver reached the record high of 77, though it was only as early as 2:30.

The previous record for Denver was 76 degrees, set in 2013. As it was in 2013, a high pressure system has stopped over the western United States which will keep the warmer temperatures coming, he stated. Although temperatures have risen to unseasonable highs, residents of Denver should expect cooler days this week, according to weather officials.

The weather for Monday will most likely be around 75 degrees with little chance of cloud cover. Temperatures going into Tuesday are expected to drop to the low to mid-50s with a spike to 65 degrees on Wednesday.

Cooper said even though the heat is unseasonable, there is no warning for wildfires. Moreover, Denver and the surrounding areas have grasses that are drying out in places, but the areas have had ample rainfall to ward off brush fires. Weather reports believe the temperatures will not hold throughout the month of March.

By Alex Lemieux


Denver Post

Photo by Matt Santomarco – Flickr License