ESC 2015: Russia’s Representative Confirmed as Polina Gagarina [Video]


Polina Gagarina, of whom rumors have been flying recently regarding the possibility of her entering this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, has been confirmed as Russia’s 2015 entry. According to Channel One, she will most likely be singing the song Secret Poison, written by Konstantin Meladze, Philip Kirkorov, and Anton Belyayev.

The rumored song choice has also been being discussed around the internet in the last day, with many individuals being certain that (should Gagarina’s participatation in ESC 2015 be legitimate) the 27-year-old would be taking the stage with this track. For some reason, however, Channel One is still hesitant to 100 percent confirm this fact.

In 2003, Gagarina was crowned the winning title of Fabrika Zvyoz (Star Factory, a popular Russian reality singing competition.) Following this, she has released two enormously successful studio albums and over a dozen hit singles. In fact, her ever-rising popularity is what made her a fan favorite in terms of who the country would send to Vienna, Austria, in order to represent them on an international stage. The video below features one of Gagarina’s most popular songs, Spektakl’ Okonchen (The Show Is Over.)

By Rebecca Grace



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