Top Gear Host Jeremy Clarkson Suspended, Show Will Not Air


Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been temporarily suspended by the BBC, following what has been called, “a ‘fracas’ with a BBC producer,” of the show. According to the BBC, last week Clarkson allegedly hit the producer during an argument. The three remaining episodes will not air, beginning this Sunday. Further details regarding the rest of the series have not been released or confirmed.

Clarkson, the host of the show Top Gear since 2002, has yet to comment on the incident. Though, he has taken to Twitter, joking about other shows that could replace Top Gear on Sunday.

Last May, he was given a his last warning, after some claimed he used a racist word during the filming of one of the episodes. Shortly afterwards, Clarkson released an apologetic statement on YouTube.

The BBC told Clarkson he would be fired if he made any other offensive remarks, regardless if they were on Top Gear, or outside of production. According to a statement released by the BBC, “Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended pending an internal investigation.”

Further comments regarding Clarkson have not been made, and no other hosts on the show have been temporarily suspended. They stated Top Gear will not air on Sunday.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News

Photo by Tony Harrison – Flickr License

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