Eurovision 2015: Current List of Representatives & Song Choices [Part 5]



Almost all of the 40 countries presenting their participant(s) at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest (held in Vienna, Austria) have revealed the individual(s) that have been chosen, as well as what song they are picking. Note: This list does not (and nor did the previous update) contain any of the seven countries that are given the Straight to Final status. The following reflects the regular representative choices from Serbia onward:

Serbia: Soul singer Bojana Stamenov has been chosen to represent the country for Eurovision 2015. She rose to national fame upon placing fourth in the third season of Ja imam talenat! (Essentially, Serbia’s Got Talent) back in 2012. The 28-year-old will be singing Ceo svet je moj (The Whole World Is Mine). The singer has a handle of singles to her name, all of which are collaborated on by an additional artist. Outside of singing professionally, Stamenov takes part in performing for children at Belgrade’s Boško Buha Theatre.

Slovenia: Recently formed duo Maraaya (consisting of vocalist Marjetka Vovk and producer Aleš Vovk) will take the Eurovision stage this year to perform their song Here for You. Vovk himself has reportedly penned enormously successful tracks for many Slovenian recording artists. The pair became popular after releasing the single Lovin’ Me, their first track performed as a union. The song became an instant hit in not only Slovenia, but also Germany, Italy and Belgium.

Switzerland: 24-year-old Mélanie René will be attempting to win the Eurovision crown for her country this year, with the song Time to Shine. She does not currently have any other music to her name, and the single in question peaked at #73 on the national charts following its release. This Eurovision competitor is of Mauritian origin, meaning that her ancestors came from the island nation of Mauritius, located in the Indian Ocean (with a population of just over 1.2 million.)

Sweden: Both the Eurovision representative and song choice for this country have not yet been announced. The date upon which this information will be revealed is March 14.

The Netherlands: Trijntje Oosterhuis (full given name Judith Katrijntje) has been chosen for Eurovision 2015’s Dutch participant. One of this year’s Eurovision competition’s older contestants at 42, she is certainly no stranger to the music industry. Indeed, Oosterhuis has released a total of 11 albums, beginning in 1996 and continuing on till 2012. The majority of these albums were quite successful; Total Touch certified 4X Platinum, and This Way went 2X. The Amsterdam native’s records have also done very well on the carts, with five of them coming in the top five mark and two of them even hitting #1 (The Look of Love & Wrecks We Adore). The song she will be performing at Eurovision 2015 is entitled Walk Along.

This wraps up the full list of Eurovision 2015’s current list of regular representatives and song choices. There are still some countries who have yet to announce their participant(s) and/or their performance choices. This information will be finalized within the next week, as the deadline sits at March 16 (it is on this day, as well as the 17, that the The Eurovision Head Of Delegation meeting takes place.

By Rebecca Grace

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