FBI Investigating Death of African-American Man Found Hanging in Tree


The body of an African-American man has been found hanging in a tree in Claiborne County, Mississippi. The man, who has been missing for over a month, was found by local law enforcement officials in the woods behind his house. It is currently unclear if it considered a suicide or a homicide. The FBI is now launching an investigation on whether or not there could be any civil rights violations.

The man has been missing since March 2, which was reported on March 8. Local law enforcement organized a community-wide search for the man, leading to the discovery of him today.

Currently, there are two investigations: one by local authorities into the cause of death and another by the FBI to find out if there are any civil rights violations. The FBI forensics team is now on the scene of the hanging, since the FBI is responsible for federal civil rights law. According to an FBI official, the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is now involved.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Cliff – Flickr License

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