‘Helix’: ‘Mother’ May I Be Granted Immortality? [Recap & Review]



On the Helix episode Mother tonight, the tree root that the cultists on the island of St. Germain have used to graft all of the apple trees in their orchards which render human males sterile has been stolen. Also, Sister Amy still is demanding that Dr. Sarah Jordan grant her immortality, in exchange for her fetus. Dr. Kyle Sommers has become infected, and if he does not get a remedy from the Bleeding Tree, he will be dead within two days.

Helix began with scenes of a raging fire. Amy said to Julia “I really wish you had come to me first.” The surviving cultists were burning the bodies in the fire.

“I only want one thing,” Amy told her. She wanted to become immortal. Julia said she could make Amy immortal, if she would give her the root stock of Mother.

“If you’re lying,” Julia told Amy, “I’ll make sure the only world you see is pitch black.”

In the forest, Alan Faragutt and Winger talked about the boy, Soren, and using him to help them find the Bleeding Tree. Alan told Soren to leave Dr. Kyle alone, “until we can locate some of the red sap.”

“Why don’t you take him to the Bleeding Tree?” Soren asked.

Julia was asked by Balleseros if she would really grant Amy immortality, and Julia told him “Oh, no — that would be impossible.”

Julia told Peter he was “done,” adding that he was “a traitor,” who “sold her out to the highest bidder.” Now, she said that she was “on the inside.” She added “I thought you were a good man until I realized there was nothing inside. You’re hollow, Peter.”

Julia told Sister Anne that Amy would “say anything to get what she wants. My daughter is s liar.” She also revealed that her son was Landry.


At Landry’s bedside, Amy said “Tell me, where’s Mother, Landry? Blink once if you understand.” He was not responsive, so she started hitting him and yelling “Wake up!” Amy said “Fix him,” and added “You’re boring — just fix him.”

Amy informed Sarah Jordan that she had a new way to find immortality, through Dr. Julia Walker. “Just fix him!” Amy ordered. Sarah leaned over and Landry suddenly got out of his bed and started to attack her, as Helix went to a commercial break.


When Helix came back on, Anne and Julia walked down a hallway, while Landry continued attacking Sarah. In the hallway, Julia said “Hello, Sarah,” and Landry searched for Amy, who was busy having a destructive temper tantrum. Landry was not searching for Amy, but for the root stock, Mother, which he found in a box he had hidden away.

Balleseros confronted Amy and told he “You lied to us. Wherever you go, I go, like a shadow.”

Anne came up behind Peter and said “For a moment, I thought you were him. The way the light shone off your hair…” She was referring to Michael.

“What I don’t understand is why you let Dr. Walker treat you like that.” She called him “a brilliant doctor, a great man.” she added “I see what your path can be.”

Peter said “What’s so important about this root?”

Anne said that Mother could be “unforgiving.”

“Don’t play games with me!” Peter told her. She said she was not playing games.

Julia and Sarah had a heart-to-heart. “You’ll lose everyone, Sarah. You’ve seen Narvik up close. I know you want to stop this more than anything.”

“Actually, there’s something I care about more,” Sarah said. She was probably about to mention the baby that Amy had torn out of her.  Helix cut to Kyle, Soren, and the Navy personnel in the forests of St. Germain.

Soren told Dr. Kyle Sommers that he had not been to the Bleeding Tree many times, so he hoped that he could find it again. Then, Soren said “What’s that smell?” and Kyle was hallucinating that Soren was saying bad things about him. The Navy personnel restrained Kyle, who was yelling “Shut up!” Then, Helix went to another commercial break.

Back on Helix, Sarah showed Julia where the fetus was. Julia said it “would be frozen like that forever,” unless they could get it safely out.

“You want your baby and I want Mother. We can both get what we want by working together,” Julia told Sarah.

Then, Soren asked Dr. Kyle if he “was hungry.” Kyle thought he was saying that he was “Stinky Sommer” and was also saying that he “rolled in excrement.”

“Kyle, what you’re seeing isn’t real,” Alan said. “Can you hear me?” Kyle attacked him until the Navy personnel stopped him.


Peter said to Anne, “The boneyeard out in the woods — all those skulls without human teeth.”

“In order to hear the truth,” Anne said, “You must be willing to speak the truth.”


Amy told Sergio Balleseros with Julia “Aren’t you curious about hearing the truth?” She lunged at him with a knife and cut his hand. She then licked his wound. “If you try that again, I’ll cut your throat,” he said.

“We can’t hold them! They’re going to kill us!” Manatu said on a walkie talkie to Winger. Some of the Navy personnel were being attacked. She heard the words over the walkie talkie “We’re all the same under water” repeated over and over in an eerie voice. Helix headed to another commercial break.

When Helix returned, Winger said “How did it spread so fast?”

“Dr. Faragutt is right. We have to regroup and find the tree,” Winger said.

Dr. Kyle asked Soren for a “Power Bar,” he had. Kyle ate it. He then asked Soren for a “drink of water.” Soren was suspicious, but got it, and said “You’re sounding more like the old Dr. Kyle now.” Kyle asked Soren to free his hands, which he did; then, Kyle grabbed up Soren and ran off with him.

At a lab, in the Abbey, Sarah and Julia experimented and talked about “stem cells specializing.” Julia told her that she should go to work for Ilaria, where she would have “unlimited funding.’

Anne and Peter were in the dark. Anne said there could be “no more lies.”

“What do you want?” Anne asked Peter.

“You’re going to have to give me more than that,” Peter said.

Anne asked him “If you’re not ready to face the truth –”

Peter told her “I want respect.”

She asked him “When did you feel the most respected? Remember a time when you had what you wanted, when you felt complete.”

“I can’t,” Peter replied.

“Stop hiding and face the truth,” Anne said. Peter told her it was when he was sick with Narvik, and they all “came and listened to me.”

“Where are we going?” Sergio asked Amy.

“To one of Landry’s old hiding spots.”

Landry showed up and attacked Sergio, and knocked him down, so he was clinging to a wooden rail. Amy viciously stomped on his hands, and Balleseros  fell a long way down, as Helix went to yet another commercial break.

Back on Helix, Sarah asked Julia what was taking so long. Sarah said she wanted to “talk with Amy alone.”

Olivia showed up and said “Amy will see you now.”


Dr. Kyle held Soren over the side of a cliff. “I don’t want to be cured anymore,” he said.

Anne told Peter, “Are you ready to lead?” Then, she said “Now, I can share my truth with you.”

“What is this? some kind of experiment?” Peter asked.

“I was an experiment,” she said. There were women and children down in a basement area, crying. “It’s about control, respect. Their way is the only way,” she said.

Alan tried to talk reason to Kyle. “It’s not true that you have to hurt others first. There’s another way.”

Alan said “Show them they have no power. Walk away.”

“How do I know they won’t follow me?” Kyle asked.

“You don’t,” Alan answered. Kyle stepped back and put Soren down. Soren said “There it is, the tree!”


Anne told Peter “Everyone must follow his path.” There was a woman with a feeding tube in her mouth. Anne convinced Peter to slit the women’s wrists, then she reached down, and grabbed her baby, which she handed to Peter to hold. Then, Helix headed to more commercials.

On Helix after the break, the box with the root in it was next to Sarah’s fetus. “I don’t see any happy, smiling faces,” Amy said. She said that she wanted immortality.

Amy was about to smash the bottle, but Julia said “You don’t want to do that. We can engineer it so that the baby will grant you immortality.” Julia said “We’ll have to implant the baby into your uterus.” Sarah called Julia a “liar,” and then she screamed “No, you can’t do this!” as people forcibly restrained her.

That was the end of Mother, another delightfully messed-up episode of Helix. There were a lot of twists and turns during the episode, and deals and counter-deals made, driven by the motivations of several of the main characters of the series. On Helix, Sarah wanted her baby safely back, though…not forcibly implanted in to her womb. Dr. Julia Walker wanted the root stock, Mother, so that she could save humanity by sterilizing millions of human males. “Forever Amy” wanted to be granted immortality, and Alan spent the Helix episode wanting to find the Bleeding Tree to save Kyle’s life. Peter, well, like Aretha franklin, wanted a little bit of “R-E-S-P-E-C-T.”

Written By Douglas Cobb

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  1. This second season of “Helix” has been so incredibly chaotic and nonsensical with the ridiculous story lines, that the series is no longer enjoyable to watch.

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