India Train Derailment Kills at Least 30 and Injures 50


A passenger train crashed in Northern India on Friday, killing at least 30 people and injuring over 50 others, according to a spokesman for the railway authorities. Witnesses at the scene of the train derailment state the train sped past its stop at a station and jumped the tracks, knocking some of the front cars off the tracks.

The train was heading from Dehradun to Varanasi, a Hindu holy city, when it overshot its intended stop at around halfway through the trip. The stop was about 35 kilometers east of the town of Lucknow in the northern India state of Uttar Pradesh.

Neeraj Sharma, a railway spokesman, stated two train cars and the from engine locomotive derailed after the train tried to stop just past the station. Witnesses who were filming the scene of the crash showed emergency responders pulling passengers from the wreckage. Sharma stated Indian authorities have now launched an investigation on how the train over shot the station, resulting in dozens of deaths.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Sidddd – Flickr License

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