IRS Scammers Target 366,000 Taxpayers


According to a federal investigative report, people posing as IRS agents have targeted over 366,000 individuals with harassing phone calls and requesting payments threatening prosecutions and jail time as a part of a countrywide scam. A deputy inspector general for the IRS stated more than 3,000 individuals have mistaken these calls and threats as valid. The inspector general said since 2013, people have been scammed out of around $15.5 million.

During a Thursday hearing before Congress, Timothy Camus, an IRS watchdog, stated this scam is the largest in the history of the agency. Furthermore, he said people in all 50 states have been victims of this scam.

Camus said two fake IRS agents have been taken into custody in Florida. The two were accused of alleged being a part of the scam which revealed people in call centers located in India that have been calling and threatening U.S. taxpayers. No further information regarding the identities of those taken into custody has been released. Camus stated he will be further investigating the IRS scam and unearthing its origin.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Martin Haesemeyer – Flickr License



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