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Kanye West started this year off strong with his gospel minimalist track, Only One, which had featured Paul McCartney. Since then, the world has gotten a glimpse of a few more songs that might be in West’s upcoming seventh album. As of late, he has been promoting from Europe what he refers to as his “eighty-percent done” album, and just the other night, he reportedly revealed the title of his new album, So Help Me God.

West took to Twitter to announce the title of his upcoming album, which was also accompanied by a mysterious image that contained a diamond shaped symbol connected with lower-case M’s at each intersecting point. A music website called Stereogum previously revealed that the monastic symbol was from the 13th century and represented the Virgin Mary.

Along with revealing some tidbits of his upcoming album, The Adidas Yeezy Boost Fashion Show premiered a new song by West called, Wolves. Not long before that at the BRIT Awards, West showcased a new song called, All Day.

Although West did not reveal the exact release date of his upcoming record, he did announce that release dates have been “100 percent played out” while he was on air with New York hip-hop station, Power 105. West revealed on The Breakfast Club radio show that he will most likely be following in the footsteps of Beyonce and her recently released self-titled album, as well as Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late surprise debut tactics.

Kanye West revealed the title of his new album and disclosed that his music on So Help Me God will be soundly different than the post-punk, industrial, and hip-hop sounds that were present in the album, Yeezus. He described his new album as “bar songs, [and] cookout songs that just feels good.” He further explained,

My last album was a protest to music, I was like ‘I’m gonna take my ball and go home’…This album is embracing the music, joy. Being of service to the people. I just hope people like it and enjoy it.

West said his latest work will address present-day issues, such as police brutality and what happened in Ferguson, Missouri with regards to Michael Brown, the unarmed, young black male who was shot down by Ferguson police.

West mentioned he had sought advice from his father over these types of hot topics in the political climate with regards to his music, but that his dad had e-mailed him and told him to stay out of it. He reportedly stated his dad has some experience being at a homeless shelter, and since he is his only parent, he has no choice but to mostly listen to him.

West said his dad may be trying to be protective of him, but he also agrees he cannot run in front of every bullet. He said of his father, “My dad is like a thousand percent smarter than me and a thousand times more social than me.”

Only 20 people may have listened to West’s new album so far. In fact, last December, Seth Rogen revealed to Rolling Stone that West had performed his whole upcoming album inside a limo van. Rogen mentioned there were no lyrics and that he had only performed beats. He continued to say, “So he raps the whole album, and after each song, he stops it, like, ‘So what do you think?'” The whole ride reportedly took two hours.

West’s album, So Help Me God has been a long awaited piece since he ended his Yeezus Tour and had revealed to XXL Magazine that he planned to have another album out by summer back in November 2013. There had been rumors that Q-Tip and Rick Rubin were in the studio with him. It seems as if for now, Paul McCartney, Cashmere Cat and French Montana are listed as producers with West, who reportedly would also act as executive producer. With Kanye West’s new album nearly complete and the title recently revealed, he may “get it to the people as soon as possible,” as he so proclaims.

By Aleixs Tejeda

Rolling Stone
The Breakfast Club

Photo provided by Pieter-Jannick Dijkstra – Flickr License

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