NASA Takes Precautionary Measures for the Spacewalk

NASANASA  astronauts are scheduled to walk , today, March 1, 2015 from the international space station (ISS) to finish the cable work needed for the space station parking dock despite the incident of water filling up in one of the astronaut’s helmet. This is the last of a series of outings that have been conducted over the past week.

The water build up is a serious concern because this could have been a repeat of what happened in 2013. When the water filled up in the astronaut’s helmet during that mission, he nearly drowned.

NASA’s team has reported that the problem with water building up was managed by inspecting the cooling system of the suit and the parts that were corroded were replaced. As a safety precaution, the astronaut’s have pads that absorb inside of the helmet located on the back part of the neck.

The particular spacesuit used for the NASA missions is being carefully watched. When it is re-pressurized, there is some water condensation that occurs. If that happens, NASA stated that it is imperative that the astronaut return to the space station immediately.

By Marie A. Wakefield




Photo by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Photostream – Flickr License


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