Pope Francis Now More Popular Than Ever Before in U.S.

pope francis

Pope Francis is now more popular than ever before in the United States. According to a new survey that was conducted, 95 percent of practicing Catholics, who attend church at least one week, claim Pope Francis is a remarkable character, and gave him high remarks. Moreover, seven in 10 Americans that consider themselves Christian rate him as favorable, according to the survey that was done. The Pew Research Center stated that in the two years since Pope Francis took over the leadership, the the world’s population of over one billion practicing Roman Catholics have given him a favorable rating that has surpassed any numbers the former Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, ever had. This puts him on par to eclipse Pope John Paul II’s rating in his reign from the 1980’s through the 1990’s.

Pope Francis is widely-known for is common, individual touch, and plain-spokeness that has won the hearts and mind of not only Roman Catholics, but nearly all practicing Christians. Pope Francis is seen to be a new light in the Roman Catholic Church and brings hope to many Christians,

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Catholic Church England and Wales – Flickr License

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