Southern Pastor Teaches Interracial Marriage Is Sin


Pastor Donny Reagan has been called a racist pastor for his public rebuke against interracial marriage. He runs Happy Valley Church of Jesus Christ in Johnson City, Tennessee. A video of him preaching against interracial marriage stormed the internet a few years ago and has recently resurfaced on social media.

The questionable sermon quickly made its way around the internet until it became a controversial topic of discussion. In the message, which the pastor said is one in a series on marriage; Reagan speaks against whites marrying black people. He said it is sin and against God’s order. Reagan told his audience that if one of them decides to go against God and marry a black person do not come to him because he will not do it. He added:

I would rather you get mad and leave the church than have God mad at me.

The video garnered nearly 40,000 views in the first two weeks after it hit YouTube and the number continued to climb. The video was removed after people cited Reagan the most racist pastor in America. The deleted media captured 17 minutes of the pastor’s race-filled message as he repeatedly called interracial relationships hybreeding. Reagan said:

Hybreeding, hybreeding, oh, how terrible is hybreeding. What white woman would want her baby to be mulatto, created by a colored man? Let us stay the way God made us. I believe this is right.

The pastor continued his rant and did not shy away from his thesis. He admitted during the sermon (a portion can be viewed via the Facebook source below) that this type of message would upset some but it did not matter because it is God’s plan for mankind. He spoke about black athletes who want white wives and suggested a link between biracial marriage and Communism.

This angered many viewers. One person said they could easily find at least 50 percent of Tennesseans who agree with this teaching. Tennessee is very segregated and racist. She added:

This type of sermon is very familiar to me having grown up in Tennessee. The Evangelical movement bothers me. People here used to generally be southern Baptists, now all of these charismatic churches are springing up looking like malls.  I have lost long-time friends simply because I do not belong to that particular church. I think of them as cults; they have told me it is evil to mix with someone from another church – even a protestant Christian church.  It is very disturbing.

Another witness to a southern upbringing said:

Some of my family members are varying degrees of Evangelical Christians. One trend, especially among their social circles, is true: Older white people tend to be more racist, homophobic, and… well… terrible. The “new” South is remarkably more moderate. I think being raised in an age of equality and tolerance has led me and my peers to shun people like the Reverend Reagan. This pastor is the perfect representation of racist old white men who are loud about intermixing their love for Christ and their hatred for anything not straight and white.

The pastor has since acknowledged what he said might sound bad and seem controversial but Reagan stands by his statements. The pastor has apologized to his congregation for reflecting badly on the church, but not for his statements. Reagan said he felt terrible when the video aired, but maintains the sermon had nothing to do with race. He added:

Almighty God, he knows my heart and what I am saying to you, and that I have no animosity in my heart, I am against things, not people.

Reagan has come under much scrutiny for his message but members of his church have said he preaches at black churches and has black members in his congregation. Pastor Donald Reagan has refused to back down from the message because he has seen the hardships biracial relationships deal with. He said it make no sense that two beautiful people would join together to bring a “mulatto” baby into the world. According to the southern pastor, this is an abomination of God’s law.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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4 Responses to "Southern Pastor Teaches Interracial Marriage Is Sin"

  1. Abby Mosby   April 4, 2016 at 1:57 pm

    You know I am a product of an interracial relationship and years later found myself in several have two beautiful kids as a product of my wife and myself’s beautiful union I was raised to love everyone and to see the beauty in all of gods children now although I personally don’t agree with segregation I also respect others decision to do what they feel is best for them.And Robert racism has evolved just as we as a people have evolved it is a very complex subject but if people want to separate themselves in this country they have the right to do so I’m not mad at ya do your thang as for me and mine we choose to learn about other cultures and people and to do that you need only two things an open mind and a open heart God bless all even the ones who hate me.

  2. George   February 4, 2016 at 11:47 am

    Robert Hude is a southern white racist. Not wanting to integrate is un-chirstian.

  3. Jill   April 15, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    Another idiot.

    • Robert Hude   October 12, 2015 at 5:56 pm

      Jill, if you were referring to yourself, then I would agree. You showed your own (reverse) racist colors by just making a personal attack. In other words, it means you can not argue his truth but you still secretly like the interaccial thing so you just name call the man. And he’s a pastor, so it was especially disrespectful. But I’m guessing you don’t respect ANY man who’s skin is not black. Also, WHY IN THE HELL DO PEOPLE FOREVER KEEP TALKING ABOUT SEGREGATION AS IF IT’S RACISM!!!??? Not wanting to integrate is not racism. They are two different things. Racism is believing that another race is inferior to yours. But if you don’t believe in such a thing, it does not mean that you have to go f*** and marry them. Get a grip, white women.


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