United Airlines Flight Grounded After Man Rushed Cockpit Yelling ‘Jihad’

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United Airlines Flight 1047, heading to Denver from Washington, D.C., returned to Dulles International Airport on Monday night after a passenger reportedly yelled “Jihad,” and proceeded to rush the front of the plane to get to the cockpit. Shortly afterwards, the United Airlines passengers aboard the plane grabbed the man and restrained him until the the aircraft could land. According to a spokesman from United Airlines, Flight 1074 was grounded, “after a passenger failed to comply with crew instructions.” The man in question has yet to be identified and is being kept at a local hospital.

Following the incident that forced the plane to land, law enforcement officials took the unruly passenger into custody for further questioning. United Airlines Flight 1047 resumed travel and transported its passengers to Denver on Tuesday morning.

Reports from the passengers stated that one person held the man’s legs while someone else laid on top of him to keep him down. Meanwhile, the flight attendants searched for restraint devices. Moreover, Donna Tellam, another passenger aboard, stated the man kept yelling “Jihad,” and exclaiming there were additional jihadists in the cargo bay of the aircraft.

The United Airlines pilot then announced to the plane that he had declared an emergency situation, “due to a passenger disturbance,” and that the plane would be returning to Dulles International. He reportedly told air traffic controllers that the incident was a “Level 2” disturbance. This is the second lowest level on the four-level severity scale used by the United Airlines and the rest of the airline industry. This means there is clear physical violence on the plane, but it is not a life-threatening situation.

United Airlines has released no other information regarding the incident. The man has not yet been charged for his actions.

By Alex Lemieux


Fox News

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