United Nations Security Council Discusses Nuclear Deal With Iran

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The world’s major powers are at the discussion table of the United Nations Security Council to lift the sanctions placed on Iran if they form a pro-Western nuclear agreement. This is a step that could make it tougher for Congress to undo a deal if one is struck. The United Nations Security Council consists of China, Russia, France, Britain, and the United States. The Council has been in discussions about limiting and even stopping Iran’s nuclear proliferation. Further official deliberation regarding the deal will resume next week.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry went before Congress on Wednesday and stated a nuclear deal with Iran would not be legally binding, inferring that succeeding presidents will have the ability whether or not to enforce it. This was signified in a letter penned by 47 Republican senators, sent earlier this week to Iran’s leaders, fervently stating a deal could be abandoned when President Obama leaves office next year. Though, if a deal between Iran and the United Nations Security Council is struck, it would be legally binding. Thus, undercutting Republican attempts to unravel a nuclear agreement.

The seven world powers are looking to complete the breadth of a final deal by the end of the month, and reach a full, unfettered agreement by June 30. This would be voted on by all countries that encompass the United Nations. This would ensure the decrease of Iran’s most precarious nuclear activities in exchange of the end of all sanctions places on Iran by the United Nations.

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One Response to "United Nations Security Council Discusses Nuclear Deal With Iran"

  1. Chas Holman   March 12, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    The foreign press is eating this up.. Headlines around the globe declaring ‘United States Senators Warn Iran Not to Trust President’ .. And ‘US Senators Demand US Unable, Not to be Trusted with Negotiations..,. Or this heartbreaking one ‘United States Senators Vote no Confidence in United States’…..FIVE of the countries running with such headlines, were IN the discussions with the US…. Damaging damaging stuff.

    A huge pox of shame on the Republican House..

    I’d like to think it was one big horrible mistake and they will come around and admit they goofed and try like patriots to get their act together for the sake of the country and all of us who live here,

    Instead, I see this morning they have doubled down with fangs drawn and are defending the nonsense. Which makes me realize they are not making mistakes, they are calculatedly evil and self serving to the extreme.


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