American Doctor in Critical Condition After Planned Terrorist Attack

american doctor

An American doctor has been shot in the head during a presumed terrorist attack on Thursday in Karachi, Pakistan, according to local law enforcement officials. Authorities stated the woman was also an executive of the Jinnah Medical and Dental College, in the south of the city. The American doctor was fired upon when two men on a motorcycle began shooting at her when she was in her vehicle.

Asif Farooqui, a law enforcement official with the Karachi police, stated after an initial investigation it showed that it was most likely a planned attack that was carried out, “because of her national identity.” The woman is in critical condition.

The U.S. Embassy will not release her name to U.S. authorities. They have yet to officially confirm the victim is American. The Pakistan Interior Ministry has also launched an investigation.

Although there has been nearly a decade of brutal attacks in the city, attacks on foreign nationals are rare. Though, another American doctor was shot and killed last year in another pre-planned attack. Some regions of Karachi are still sympathetic to the Taliban and al-Qaeda militants.

By Alex Lemieux


Washington Post

Photo by Travel Photography – Flickr License

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