Radioactive Industrial X-Ray Material Stolen From Truck in Mexico


A truckload of radioactive X-ray substance has been taken in Tabasco, an eastern coastal region in Mexico, according to Mexican law enforcement officials. This is one of a similar string of incidents throughout the Mexican state.

The radioactive industrial material, Iridium-192, was said to be taken early on Monday morning from a large truck in Cardenas, Tabasco. Officials released a statement on Wednesday that stated no other information regarding the reason why the material was stolen is yet to be discovered. Last July, a pickup truck loaded with the same radioactive industrial material was taken from an industrial area in Mexico City.

In December of 2013, a group of thieves also stole a large truck containing the isotopic material Cobalt-60. It is a medical material that is considered radioactive. The UN nuclear division stated Cobalt-60 could possibly provide material to construct a small nuclear explosive device. A few days later, the truck load of material was found abandoned by the culprits near where it was originally stolen.

By Alex Lemieux


Daily Mail

Photo by Molly Steenson – Flickr Page



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