Apple Appeal Persists With Watch Release


Apple’s persistent appeal continues with the much-anticipated April 24 release of the iWatch. While the watch unveiling is certainly garnering buzz factor, it is the persistent global sales of its phones that propels the iconic Apple toward its potential to be the first trillion-dollar corporation.

Apple is set to release quarterly sales figures just days after the release of its newest product line of trendy watches. Analysts predict that iPhone sales could very well top 66 million units. These sales would outpace the original predictions of 55 million units and mark significant sales for a March quarter that is usually a slow season for tech products.

UBS (a global investment advisor) analysis indicates that sales in China are indicative of the growing demand in Asian markets for Apple products. Market watchers report that the iPhone marked 28 percent of all smart-phone sales in major Chinese cities. The demand for the tablet-sized iPhone 6 Plus is higher in China than any other country.

With the release of the stylish new iWatch, tech industry experts see the brand appeal persisting across all markets. The device will have a base sales point of $350 and higher-end models featuring 18 karat gold facing will top out at $17,000. Save your allowance for this watch that touts a customized user interface, pressure sensitive faceplate with haptic feedback sensitivity and Apple’s wristwatch-like input winder.

Despite the tepid sales of android smart-watch devices, industry strategists predict sales of the iWatch will range from 19 to 40 million units through 2016. As is with typical new Apple products, the watch promises to be huge. With the iWatch officially being released in nine territories across the globe on April 24, expect product placement to be paramount. No self-respecting celebrity will be caught in public without a high-end model of the watch on their arm.

Apple started taking pre-orders for the iWatch on April 10, 2015. Appointments are scheduled with Apple sales geniuses much like a consultation with a mortgage officer at a bank. The company is banking on the fact that potential customers will enjoy the high-end experience that comes with buying into the brand. For the gadget enthusiast who has one of each of Apple’s venerable mobile products from iPod to iPad to iPhone, excitement is palpable. Missing from this product release are lines for days in front of their retail stores. The company avoided this by making pre-order appointments.

An in-depth look at a sales consultation session indicates a confident Apple willing to also showcase the LG G Watch R for comparison’s sake. There are 38 different watch options to choose from with three basic sub-classifications – the entry-level Sport with an aluminum chassis, a stainless steel mid-level class and finally the limited-edition 18-karat gold chassis. All three classes will offer multiple strap materials and color options. Of course, an exclusively designed docking station to charge the product is included in the package.

At this point in the release scheme, the company is only offering the iWatch through its trademark stores, not certified retailers like Best Buy or cellular sale locations. Lower-than-expected yield rates from manufacturers will delay logistics to ancillary retail points. Even with slightly limited availability, the industry buzz for this product is running at full throttle. This is proof-in-point that with their release of the regaled iWatch, Apple’s consumer appeal persists.

Opinion by Chris Marion


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2 Responses to "Apple Appeal Persists With Watch Release"

  1. Tech_support   April 5, 2018 at 3:13 am

    Apple always come with the best for its customers, but it can also get damaged. Everything wears out with time. so is with apple products. but now there is nothing to worry, as you can always get your devices repaired by certified professionals.

  2. Rick M   April 11, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    It’s an Apple Watch, not “iWatch”.

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