Congress, the Emperor and His Throne


As soon as the midterm elections were over, the national news organizations were already talking possible candidates for the 2016 election. The media would be better served to hold the current politicians’ feet to the fire for the next two years, holding them accountable for carrying out their elected duties. Unfortunately, that is not going to happen, since the whole of the news media establishment, except FOX News, stands behind the current man in the White House, who himself stands like an emperor before his throne.

It does not matter anymore who is living in the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue or who controls Congress. Elected officials for many years now have had a perverted ideology of what it means to be an elected official “by the people and for the people.” They clearly understand the “by the people” half of that statement, and know that without the people’s financial support and votes, they cannot get to Washington. Although once they get there, they have no need of “for the people” anymore, and even with the best of intentions, they quickly become part of the elite establishment.

The Founding Fathers of the United States of America created a system of government with three branches to ensure a system of checks and balances. The legislative branch was established to create bills, the executive branch to sign bills into law, and the judicial branch to determine if laws are constitutional. Somewhere along the way, these fundamental principals have been thrown out for a system that resembles a Third World dictatorship. Congress is involved so much in constant, petty gridlock that they cannot even create a bill to send to the president. If they do, it is as thick as five NYC phone books and has more pork in it than a Midwest pig farm. Either that, or they propose a bill that only a handful of members made, telling the full Congress they have to approve it before they get to see what is inside. Outside of government, no logical person or organization operates this way.

Those who feel cynical about the climate in Washington base their feelings on years of historical evidence. There are some judges who do not like the laws written in Congress and approved by the President, so they have begun to overstep their constitutional authority and legislating from the bench. The President seems to have decided that if he cannot get Congress to agree on bills, he will just disregard their existence, creating and approving laws himself through the use of Executive Authority, like some emperor ruling from his throne. Therefore, instead of one branch doing the legislating, it is now being done by the other two, leaving no wonder as to why America’s national debt is so high and its influence in the world is so low.

For the next two years, there will be a system of government where Congress will get nothing approved that the President does not like. The President will, by executive authority, legislate his agenda, and the courts will be bogged down for years in the aftermath. Congress may well be given their pink slips now, and save the American taxpayer millions by simply allowing Obama to govern from his throne for the next two years until “the people” elect the next president. That is, unless the current emperor decides to do away with elections as well.

Opinion by Rick Miles

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government

Image by USEmbassy – Flickr License

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