Earthquakes Hit Missouri

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Earthquakes hit two cities in Missouri this morning, making for a trifecta of concern among residents. The three hit at 1:43 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST), according to earthquake trackers.

The first earthquake registered as a 2.9 magnitude and hit a short distance from Sikeston, which is located close to the tri-state area of Missouri, Arkansas, and Tennessee. The second event, which also registered at a 2.9 magnitude, shook Lilbourn, and the third registered at 2.67 magitude and struck near Sikeston.

Missouri is no stranger to earthquakes. It sustained some shaking from a 3.6 quake on April 2 near the city of Steele, but there was no damage and no injuries reported. The quake was felt in six states.

A larger quake registering 4.0 in magnitude struck in the early morning hours in February 2012. That earthquake, which was considered sizable for the area, rumbled across 13 states. The aftershocks felt early this morning are not as significant. There are no reports listing any damage from the latest trio shaking the Sikeston area.

By Melody Dareing

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