Fairdale, Illinois Tornado Leaves Two Confirmed Fatalities



Two residents were tragically killed by a tornado that sliced through the town of Fairdale, Illinois on Thursday evening. The storm that leveled a good portion of the Chicago suburb took the life of 67-year-old Geraldine M. Schultz and one undisclosed victim. Governor Bruce Rauner’s office has confirmed both of the fatalities.

First responders arriving shortly after the twister’s assault said the town appeared to be completely leveled. Other than the two reported fatalities, fire district officials report that of the 11 other residents transported to local hospitals, no other storm victims have life-threatening injuries.

The tornado, first reported on the ground by the National Weather Service at 7:20 PM, moved quickly through the small DeKalb County town of 150 residents. Local fire officials surveying the destruction on Friday morning reported damage to virtually every structure in the town of 0.23 square miles. Neighboring towns are assisting local and state resources in the clean up of debris. The Fairdale tornado that caused two confirmed fatalities has left a small town struggling to recover.

By Chris Marion



The Weather Channel

Photo by NSSL NOAA – Flickr License