Marilyn Manson Gets Assaulted at Denny’s, Wants to Press Charges

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Marilyn Manson reportedly got assaulted at a Denny’s restaurant in Alberta, Canada over this past weekend. The 46-year-old had been in town for a show he performed on Saturday night, following which time he hit up the popular all-day breakfast chain at around 2am.

The Beautiful People singer is said to have then gotten into a confrontation with another group of people at the establishment, a conflict which supposedly ended in Manson calling one of the men’s girlfriend’s a derogatory term. Said man reportedly then punched the shock rocker in the face and fled the scene. Original reports stated that although police were called to the scene, no charges were filed and all individuals left the location without further incident.

However, new evidence to the contrary has been revealed by various news sites. Most significantly, Manson (real name Brian Warner) is said to actually want to have the alleged culprit arrested and charged for the attack in question, which an eyewitness to the event is now saying was completely unprovoked. Shortly after the event in question, Johnny Scott gave a statement to the Calgary Herald that the “sucker-punch” (as Manson describes his attack) after the singer agreed to take a photograph posing with two female fans who requested he do so. The Ohio native’s makeup artist is also said to have been involved in the matter, ending up being elbowed in the face during the alleged incident.

Lethbridge Regional Police Service (LRPS) have confirmed that there was indeed a disturbance at the Denny’s in question, and that they were called to the scene at approximately 2:45am in regards to an altercation involving three individuals. Officers also confirmed the initial report that no charges had been laid and that the case was closed, this being before Manson’s alleged desire to pursue the situation further. In regards to who the individuals involved in the situation were, said authorities have not and will not (at this time) release any names, as they say it is not accepted policy to release the identity of anyone who has not yet been arrested or charged with any given crime.

However, Manson’s manager has since informed TMZ that the singer, as well as his make-up artist, do wish to press charges and intend to further seek justice on the matter. As well as having the alleged attacker arrested, the singer apparently also has the desire to sue the man for damages, although the parameters of this potential lawsuit are yet unknown (in terms of what Manson would be suing for and for how much money, etc.)

Manson is currently in Regina for the 10th show of his Hell Not Hallelujah tour, with the Spring part of his North American leg beginning on March 25. His last Canadian stop on this tour is this Thursday in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After this, he will be traveling back to the US in order to perform his first show in Fargo, North Dakota.

Whether or not Marilyn Manson actually plans to sue the man who allegedly attacked him has yet to be known. More information on the matter has not been revealed as of now.

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