Protest in Denver Turns Violent, Nine Arrested

protestOn Wednesday evening, a protest in downtown Denver, Colorado, turned violent as law enforcement officers used pepper spray and other means of force on protesters to control a growing and increasingly violent crowd. After the incident, nine adults were taken into custody.

Two of the adults were arrested for felony assault on police and felony robbery. The remaining seven were arrested for resisting police misdemeanors.

The clash between protesters and police began around 7 p.m. EST. At least 100 people were protesting in sympathy for Freddie Gray and his family near the Civic Center in downtown Denver. Although the area was surrounded by police officers, the origin and the motive of the clashes are unknown.

Laura Wooldridge, a Denver activist, stated, “It was a peaceful protest until they got into the park.” Once the protesters took to the park outside of the Civic Center, pepper spray was being fired into the crowds from police officers.

Violent protests in honor of Gray and against police brutality have been rising in metropolitan areas around the nation. Last night, over 200 people were taken into custody from the riots in Baltimore, Maryland.

By Alex Lemieux


Denver Post

Photo by Justin Fritts – Creativecommons Flickr License

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