Protestors in New York Demand Justice for Freddie Gray


Protestors gathered tonight to demand justice for Baltimore’s Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody of a spinal injury. Approximately 100 people were arrested during the protest that took place in Union Square. The protesters began in Union Square and then moved through Manhattan, shutting down streets along the way. Protesters began to block the entrance to the Holland Tunnel and the tunnel was ultimately shut down. The tunnel has just been reopened after being blocked off for about an hour. Protestors continued to march throughout Lower Manhattan, Times Square and Midtown. About 1,000 people or more showed up for the rally at the start.

Protestors approached East 17th Street when police intervened and ordered them onto the sidewalks and off of the streets. Some refused to listen and started shoving the officers. About two officers were injured in all of the chaos. Police continued to order the people onto the sidewalks even resorting to using batons if necessary to control the crowd. Police warned the crowd on a loudspeaker that they would be arrested if they moved off of the sidewalk and disobeyed police. Local News 7 said that those who did not listen were ultimately arrested and that number was 100 or more. The article added that protestors chanted that if there was no justice for Gray then there would be no peace and that some involved said that they wanted to point out the severity of police brutality and how big of an issue this is. The protestors reported this is going on everywhere and it will continue if justice is not served and appropriate action is not taken.

By Heather Garnruth


Local News 7

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