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Taylor Swift Is a Woman to Admire


Taylor Swift

When people think of Taylor Swift, they picture her singing her heart out with guitar in hand. They also picture her at awards shows, singing along and dancing to every single song. They also see her dressed in the most elegant dresses and her classic red lip. People also think of her with a man, or many men, as she is known for dating several different celebrities. No matter what it is she is doing, Swift is a woman to admire.

People think of Swift as a superstar, with an amazing fan base and amazing style. When it comes to Taylor, there is so much more to her than that; she is said to have a close-to-genius IQ. It is not hard to see that this is true, as she has been writing songs since she was five. When listening to her songs, and watching how she handles all of the publicity, fans can tell that there is something different about her. She deals with things differently than most celebrities, and people can see that most of it has to do with her not having a huge ego. She seems to be a very grateful celebrity who realizes that there is always room for growth. When listening to her albums in order, people can hear how much she has grown with each one. That is what a true artist does.

Fans always hear about the men she is dating or if someone is feuding with her, but what we do not hear is all of the things she does for music. She donated four million dollars to a musical school in Nashville, Tennessee. She is also very generous when it comes to fans. She knows how much her fans love her, and people can see that she is sincere in her appreciation. With everything she does, it is enough to see that she is someone any young girl or woman can look up to.

Recently, Swift appeared on the ACM awards, and gave somewhat of a farewell speech to country music. Her first album was, of course, country, and she was only 16 when it was released. Her first single, Tim McGraw, ended up being in country’s top 10. Swift hit the top of the charts with her 2008 album, Fearless, and things just went up from there. Her most recent album, 1989, which is the year Swift was born, broke a new record in sales for women singers. Swift became the first woman to release three albums which all sold one million copies in their first week. All of these are proof, that admiring her is something one cannot help but do.

Swift has recently told her fans about her mom, Andrea, being diagnosed with cancer. Apparently, she went in for a health screening and that is when they found the cancer. Taylor’s mom gave a speech about her, right before she received her award at the ACM awards, and she thanked everyone for loving her daughter the way that she does. Andrea also encouraged others to get their regular health screening done.

Swift is about to go on a world tour, and her fans cannot get enough of her. She has already had three hits from her latest album. It is clear to see that Taylor’s fans love her, and that she is easily someone her fans can admire. She is beautiful, classy, smart and talented, and fans can see that she has a good heart. She also comes from an amazing background with a family who loves her. With all of that support, she may just conquer the world.

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