WNBA Couple Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson Arrested

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A verbal argument turned physical Wednesday afternoon between the WNBA star couple Brittney Griner,player for Phoenix Mercurys, and Glory Johnson, player for the Tulsa Shocks, when both were arrested on suspicion of disorderly conduct and assault. The argument happened inside the home they both had recently purchased together.  Witnesses inside the house called the police after they failed to break the two up in order to separate them for one another.

Griner told the officers that she and Johnson have been going through a lot of relationship problems and what started out as a little disagreement turned into something way more serious. Police reported the injuries inflicted upon the two 24-year-old women, which included lacerations on the right side of Johnson’s lip and bite marks on Griner’s hand along with some damage to her fingers.

It has been reported that both WNBA all stars were released from jail early this morning.  Griner nor Johnson are choosing to press charges against the other. WNBA spokesperson, Phoenix Mercury general manager and Tulsa Shock team president have all made statements claiming awareness of the incident and are in the process of gathering more information.

By Kameron Hadley


AZ Central

Photo By Scott Hadfield- Creativecommons Flickr License