Alleged Shooter of Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Injured in Shooting


In 2013 George Zimmerman was the alleged shooter of Trayvon Martin, and the world was angry, and now Zimmerman has been injured in a shooting, though the former had nothing to do with the latter, apparently. Police stated that it was a road rage incident, and the man accused of the shooting, later identified as Matthew Apperson, confirmed such.

According to statements and witness testimony, George was shot near Lake Mary Boulevard on Monday. Police were called to the scene when Zimmerman apparently flagged them down. They escorted him to an ambulance and he was taken away to Central Florida Regional Hospital.

As his injuries were only minor, he was released shortly after the incident. As many heard that he had been involved in a shooting, they believed it had something to do with the alleged crimes against him, previously. However, it seems that George pulled a gun out first and the two men knew each other from a previous altercation.

In September of 2014, Apperson accused Zimmerman of trying to kill him while he was driving. George’s attorney believes that he will not be charged, as he was the one shot, but Matthew’s attorney states that he acted solely in self-defense. However, George’s charges that he was acquitted for in the Trayvon Martin case are not the only violent charges he has had in his past.

By Crystal Boulware



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