Amtrak Victims Include Wells Fargo VP, Jim Gaines of AP and Midshipman


One of the people killed in the Amtrak crash was a senior vice president at Wells Fargo’s hospitality finance group, Abid Gilani. This information was confirmed today. Gilani had been at Wells Fargo for a year and, according to LinkedIn, he was at the Marriott before that.

Amtrak train number 188 was traveling from Washington D.C. to New York when it derailed and crashed at 9:30 p.m. Tuesday night. At least 200 people were injured and seven have been declared deceased.

When the Amtrak train crashed, it was moving at 106 mph. The maximum speed in that area is 50 mph. All seven cars, plus the engine, were derailed.

Another victim in the crash was video software specialist for the Associated Press, Jim Gaines. He had been with the AP since 1998. He had meetings in Washington D.C. and was headed home.

Gaines, age 48, is survived by Jacqueline, his wife, as well as two children, 11-year-old Anushka and 16-year-old Oliver. AP CEO Gary Pruitt, said in an email to the AP staff that Gaines leaves behind a tradition of critical accomplishment, kindness, professionalism and humor.

U.S. Naval Academy midshipman, Justin Zemser, was also killed in the crash. There are more passengers that have yet to be found, including Rachel Jacobs, CEO of ApprenNet.

By Jeanette Smith

Source: CNN Money: Wells Fargo VP Killed in Amtrak Crash

Photo courtesy of Justin N. – Flickr License

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