Burundi Army Overthrows President Pierre Nkurunziza in Military Coup


Amid the unrest in Burundi, the army has overthrown President Pierre Nukurunziza in a military coup. The president, who is a former rebel, believes he is allowed by law to seek a third term in office since he was appointed to the position of power in 2005.

Thousands of Burundi citizens have taken to street in protest against the president. Local reports state that the crowds are now celebrating the coup. It is also reported that Nkurunziza has fled to Tanzania.

A series of posts on Twitter stated that the coup was under control, and that the military coup had failed. Though, that was found to be untrue.

Reporters on the ground stated that there has also been gunfire at a television station in Burundi by protesters. Soldiers aligned with the now overthrown president have been protecting Bujumbura, the national TV station, from gunfire. At least three people┬áhave been killed in the┬áKabondo district in the city’s capital. Though, the information regarding the causes of death have not surfaced.

Police have now fled the downtown area amid the violence and rioting. The unrest in Burundi began on April 26, leading to the deaths of at least 20 people. Tens of thousand have fled the country since the protests started.

By Alex Lemieux


BBC News

Photo by DOC – Creativecommons Flickr License

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