CSI Officially Coming to an End Next Season With a Movie


The hit CBS crime show CSI has been confirmed as coming to an end, and the long-running crime drama is said to be finishing off with a two hour long movie. The series will have completed a whopping 15 seasons.

The epic finale will conclude on September 27, and the movie will be a made-for-TV special. Veteran CSI fans will be ecstatic to hear the next piece of news released by the network surrounding Fall’s wrap-up of the series: original main actor William Petersen will return to reprise his role as Gilbert Grissom, as well as Marg Helgenberger who played Catherine Willows.

In terms of what will happen for the main star of the current CSI installment, Ted Danson is said to be staying with the series via transferring over to the newest version of the franchise, Cyber.

This is not the first iconic television show of the last 15 years that has chosen to wrap up its final season soon. Hit FOX reality show American Idol also announced its plans to call it quits, an event which will occur after the end of the next season (May 2016).

By Rebecca Grace


Entertainment Weekly

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