Car Crash Involving Kim Kardashian Is Featured on Show

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The show Keeping Up With the Kardashians will feature a February car crash involving Kim Kardashian and two of her sisters. No one was injured in the crash, but the siblings were shaken by the incident.

According to Kim Kardashian, she and sisters Khloe and Kylie were in the car when the car skidded across the center line with an oncoming car in their path. Some reported that North West, the baby Kim Kardashian had with singer Kanye West, was in the car.  The car ended up being stuck in the snow.

Khloe, who called sister Kourtney after the accident, said in an interview that such a terrifying event changes one’s perspective. She said it makes one grateful for family and health.

Kim Kardashian has been busy keeping up with rumors of having a second child with West. The reality star publicly stated she wants a second child, even though she did not enjoy her first pregnancy and had a difficult time with it. The couple has tried IVF treatments, but the treatments were unsuccessful.

Rumors swirled this week that the couple are hiring a surrogate, but the wife and mother quelled that speculation stating there are no immediate plans to enlist one. She did, however, say the idea was something her doctors talked to her about and suggested that it may be the best option for her since she has had trouble getting pregnant. Until now, the reality celebrity was not keen on using a surrogate, but that may be triumphed by the couple wanting a child close in age to North West. She said her sister Kourtney would probably agree to carry a child for her if she asked. Kourtney has never spoken on the subject.

A representative for the couple told reporters the couple is not currently looking for a surrogate. The reality star said in interviews she would like to keep trying for a child herself before going the surrogate route. The star’s pregnancy problems have been the focus of the family’s reality show this season.

The topic of troubled pregnancy efforts has some critics sympathetic with Kardashian. The way the topic has been dealt with shows the star’s softer side and her ability to deal with a problem many couples are also facing. They way she is responding to stepfather Bruce Jenner’s revelation that he wants to transgender into a woman has also earned the star compliments on dealing with a tough and controversial situation. Jenner came out earlier this year with his desires to transition to a woman after he was spotted wearing feminine clothing and jewelry. The reality TV celebrity publicly endorsed Jenner’s choice, and has offered her unwavering support.

The reality star is well-known for materialism and selfish actions, but critics are now saying she is more approachable and less fake than in previous years. Critics speculate changes are due to either family drama or perhaps because of her marriage to West.

Other rumors speculate ton the state of marriage with West, but apparently the couple is living together happily. West arranged for a lavish affair in Paris to celebrate his first anniversary with Kardashian. The celebration included a re-commitment ceremony with a party planned for a restaurant at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

The realty star’s life has always called for top ratings for the family show, but now the latest twists and turns are attracting more interest into her personal life. Many will likely tune in to see how the family deals with something many Americans face, an event which Kardashian experienced that day with the car crash being featured on the show. The show Keeping Up With the Kardashians airs at noon, May 31, on E!

By Melody Dareing


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